Managing Director

· Los Angeles, California
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

Managing Director

Constant Overview

Founded in 2004, Constant is the parent company of creative artist management firm Constant Artists and music x tech start up Constant Studios. Headquartered in Los Angeles (but staffed remotely), Constant specializes in the intersection of art, music, and technology.

Constant Artists currently represents Future Islands, Sudan Archives, Explosions in the Sky, Parra, Washed Out, and Wolf Parade. We provide exclusive worldwide management and consulting services to an established roster of musicians, visual artists, producers and composers, and pride ourselves on working with the most talented artists in their respective fields.

Constant Studios was created in 2017 to develop technology solutions for creative industries.

We are very interested in the future of artists and the arts, and how technology will change our industry. A natural interest in tech and its relationship to art across mediums is an important element to our internal culture.

Position Overview

The Managing Director position is focused on running the business of Constant. Our Founder / CEO runs all things client-facing, and the MD runs the rest - B2B, administration, staff and company wide strategic projects, performance tracking - in collaboration with the CEO. This role will be responsible for executing, or overseeing the execution of, our finance, operations, marketing, human resources, and IT functions of the business.

The ideal candidate has experience running a small to mid-sized company, is a tech-savvy creative problem solver who possesses shrewd attention to detail, and is someone who understands the evolving landscape of the broadly defined modern entertainment industry.

This position is typically based in Los Angeles, but due to our current remote work set up, applicants based in North America, or applicants able to work during North American business hours may apply.

To Be Considered, You Must, At the Very Least

  • Be fully committed to being an enthusiastic, active member of a busy team
  • Be willing to drive forward the vision for Constant and the success of its clients
  • Have a deep personal and professional network spanning multiple industries
  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Have a genuine interest in, and a strong understanding of, our roster and the potential for our clients
  • Really want this. There aren't many of these roles available, and we're looking for someone who wants to be a high contributing, long term member of our team

Position Requirements, Preferences, and Details

The area of responsibility for this role is broad and thus requires thorough knowledge of many company processes. The ideal candidate must be competent and able to plan different kinds of operational activities, prepare professional presentations, and be an excellent leader that will constantly be seeking the most efficient ways to run our business. The ideal candidate will possess the following:

  • 5+ years experience in a leadership role (preferably as MD / COO / GM / Chief of Staff / Director of Operations or other relevant role)
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities
  • Outstanding communication and people skills
  • Experience designing and implementing:
    • Business strategies, plans and procedures
    • Comprehensive data collection strategies and goal identification for performance and growth
    • Performance evaluation frameworks
  • Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics and common associated tools
  • Familiarity with a wide range of business software (e.g. Google Suite, MS Office, CRM, KPI tracking, HR platforms, accounting software)
  • Familiarity with, or interest in learning, basic scripting / automation and / or low / no-code tools
  • An ability to report to and inform senior management efficiently, presenting all necessary information needed to spur decision making
  • Negotiation and mediation skills: finding opportunities to resolve conflicts efficiently
  • Interest in growing the company by regularly recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and mentoring new talent
  • Proficiency at defining and implementing policies and performance standards. Establishing policies that promote company culture and vision
  • Ability to prioritize effectively and efficiently and always be searching for ways to become more efficient
  • A drive to stay up to date with current marketing, advertising and lifestyle trends
  • Hands-on experience working with a diverse set of clients at varying levels (and / or working with brands/clients in various fields)
  • A genuine desire to learn and stay learning
  • Start up fundraising or grant application experience
  • Ability to manage relationships with a high volume of partners/vendors
  • Bachelor's Degree (ideally in Business Administration or a related field Business field - but feel free to convince us otherwise)
  • Salary commensurate with experience

Author's note:

If you've made it this far, and you know this is the perfect opportunity for you, we beg you - please send everything requested below. We know - CV's are old fashioned, and you can trust we're making hiring decisions based solely on resume. It's a jumping off point, and tbh, it's a weeding out mechanism for all the people that are going to apply that have none of the qualifications we've explicitly listed.

Second author's note:

Our interview process has several stages, and while we understand we ask for more in the hiring process than other companies may, that's intentional. We don't want to be one of 20 roles you're applying for - there aren't 20 of this role out there, so if you're applying to 20 jobs, this one isn't for you. We want to be one of a handful you know you're perfect for and would excel at if given the chance.

If you know your resume or your experience lacks one or more of the requirements or preferences above, get out in front of it, and explain in your cover letter (we know - also very 90's - but you'd be surprised how helpful (for us) writing samples can be). We do read all of them, and it's usually clear who wants a job (period), and who wants this job. We're looking for the latter.

Applicants Who Do Not Provide The Following Materials Will Not Be Considered

  • One page cover letter explaining your interest in this specific position (actually read!)
  • One page resume (if it's longer than one page, please edit)
  • One page of references with contact information (no “references upon request” please - consider your references requested)
  • Your salary requirements (also read!)

All applications must be made via this application page. Feel free to ping a staffer if you know one (initiative!) and ask them to push you to the top of the pile, but make sure that's happening in addition to your application being submitted here, or the HR robot we're leasing to conduct this search won't let you pass.

Unfortunately due to the volume of applicants we receive with every job posting, we aren't able to respond to every application. We don't have a set hiring cut off for this position, as we're looking for the best available applicant(s), so the position is open until it's not.

Thanks very much for your interest in this position, and we look forward to hearing from all qualified applicants.

Thank You

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  • Location
    Los Angeles, California
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
    Senior Manager/Supervisor